Friday, February 15, 2008


I am once again amazed at the complexity of the mind and how two people can sit and have intellectual conversation.

I have noticed that it rarely seems possible to have a real conversation. People don't seem to really care about how other people are doing and don't want to take the time to get to know someone. Like everyone can always be good or okay when you ask them. How come we can't be honest and how come we can never go deeper? I even find myself having the most driest exchanges with some of my best friends but all the while slowly fading away from the potential of a great friendship.

I say all this because tonight I just had one of the best conversations with one of my closest friends. Raw conversation, emotions involved. None of these surface encounters. I have to say it redefines a person. It makes me realize things about myself that maybe I wouldn't voice if not given this opportunity. To share with someone knowing that they generally care and opening up leaving myself in a very vulnerable position is not the side of me that most people see. I think it takes a tremendous amount of trust and honesty to get to a position where you can completely let your guard down and be fully open. Not many people can see you on the inside but when they can it is so amazing.

I hope that everyone has someone in their life that they can open up to because I think it is therapeutic and helps you identify who you really are.