Monday, July 20, 2009

Who said I want a kid?

So today I was at Yogurt Creations getting some gift cards for tomorrow. We are having a cooking challenge at work so I am bringing the prizes. Anyways, I walked in and the only other people in there were a young mom and a toddler. The little girl was super cute and she decided that running around the toppings in the middle of the store would be fun. She made a game out of it and thought her mom was chasing her. She came up behind me and grabbed onto my leg. She was holding tight like I was someone she knew and her mom kept apologizing but I'm pretty sure I started ovulating at the thought. Just kidding but seriously I want that. I thought after she looked up she would run to her mom but she just kept holding on and laughing. Her mom tried to pull her off but she just wanted to stay stuck to my leg. My heart melts a little.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Dylan and I are leaving tonight to go to Lake San Antonio with people from his work. It should be fun. I thought since I was so white I would go get a fake bake today just to add a little color. Well I added a lot of color and I look like a tomato. Not really what I was going for. Hopefully, I won't be aching the whole time. I brought lots of sunscreen, aloe vera, and asprin. A great concoction for a good weekend.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Good Weekend

First off it was a 3 day weekend. Hooray, that means I get 3 in a row. My mom and dad came down yesterday and of course I met my mom in Paso to go quilt shopping. The highlight was that this new store just opened called Birch and it is my favorite fabric store! So don't go but really go it was amazing.

Then last night we went to see the Proposal. I have already seen it but nobody else had. It was probably even funnier the 2nd time around. It was a good date movie I must say.

Today we went to Margie's Diner for breakfast then on a whim decided to drive to the Chumash casino. We weren't there much more than an hour. My dad walked out $30.00 on top and Dylan was $27.00 on top. Mom and I lost about $8.00 together. We just played the nickel machines though but it was still fun.

That is about as exciting as our weekend has been. The parents left and now Dylan and I are just chilling at home. I want to go see the fireworks but I would rather stay away from the crowd. I guess we're not that patriotic. But I am doing laundry like a good little wife and my house has stayed clean.