Tuesday, December 16, 2008


So yesterday I randomly got sick to my stomach and proceeded to pass out at work. Did I mention that when I get light-headed my body gets super hot and I like to take the necessary precaution of cooling down my body by stripping off my clothes.

So there I am with a cami and black thong on laying down on the bathroom floor when I then pass out. I remember coming to and seeing Traci in the bathroom and hearing my supervisor Jennifer say that she tried to call Dylan but he didn't answer and the she is also going to call 911.

So there I am exposing myself to everyone I work with and then the firemen, EMTs, and Dylan show up. How embarrassing! I could hear the firemen talking about how they wanted a loby in their bathroom like we had. It was weird.

But I couldn't get up without feeling like I was going to faint so I got to take my 1st ride since I was little in the ambulance to the ER. The EMTs were really nice even despite seeing me half exposed. They let a fireman do an IV on me and he was kind of rough but it wasn't as bad as I was expecting. I thought I would pass out again seeing that in my arm. Oh and in the bathroom they pricked my finger and tested my blood sugar which I was scared of too but I barely felt. So I'm starting to be less afraid of needles the more I have to have them inside of me.

They put 2 liters of saline stuff in me and after about 3 hours at the hospital, I finally got to go home. I missed work again today because my head has been hurting but it is finally starting to feel a little bit better.

So we'll see how much that puts a whole in mine and Dylan's pocket. And my car has been acting up so Dylan took it to the dealer while I was in the hospital yesterday and they called earlier today to tell me all the things that are wrong with it and that is going to be a nice chunk of change as well. We'll see if I picked the right insurance to cover all the medical bills that will be showing up soon. AHHHH!