Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Afternoon

Dylan was not feeling good this morning so I went to church by myself. It was a little weird since we have just started going to Calvary SLO and I don't really know anyone there. All the college kids are gone for the summer so it was really obvious that I was sitting there all by myself. It was kind of nice though because I was able to just concentrate on me and my relationship with God.

When I got home, we decided to go on a bike ride to get Chipotle (I swear there is some addictive ingredient in their food). We then took the Chipotle to the park and ate lunch. It is such a nice day today. Not too hot!

Now we are either going to take a walk to Best Buy or go hike Madonna Mountain. Either way it is a long distance but what else would we do on this beautiful day.

Here is a picture that Dylan snapped on our way back from the park. Just so you know that I really can ride a bike. It was somewhat scary riding through downtown though cause there are no bike lanes and I definitely was riding right alongside other vehicles. I was hoping the whole time that I didn't get hit. I'm not too steady on a bike especially when there are vehicles that close to me.


Jennifer said...

this is pretty cute of you guys to do this. you know i've never been to chipotle!

Kim Youngblood said...

Don't try it! You will want to eat it all the time. Next time you're down here we can walk dt and get it :) hint hint...come visit me!

Jennifer said...

i really really want to visit too. we can talk about this.

Kim Youngblood said...

i was just looking over this post and you just came to visit and we did go to chipotle. yay us!