Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just Call Me Chef

I decided to be a good wife and really start cooking for my husband. Usually I just make easy stuff that I already know how to make and doesn't take much effort but I consulted my recipe books and found things that I wanted to try for the week. 

I went to the store yesterday on my lunch break and got everything I would need for the week. Usually we only plan dinner for like a night or two so that was a huge step. 

Last night I made chicken stir-fry over rice and tonight we had chicken with balsamic and garlic. And the best part is they were both edible and delicious. I am reminded again of how much I enjoy cooking. I think this just might be a new establishment in our house.

Oh and Dylan has challenged me to be nice for a whole month. That is really hard for me because usually I can't even go a day without saying something smart or being a pain in the butt. I am on day 9 though and I only had one oopsies this weekend but he said I could have one and next time it starts over. 

Good thing he isn't around me all day long because I probably would never have gotten to day two.


Danielle said...

hahahah i just laughed out loud about the whole being nice thing! Also keep up you little Suzie homemaker you! ps I MISS YOU!! can we hang out? go out for a drink? get drunk and rip your pants again!? pleaseee

Jennifer said... little housewife. i hope you don't screw up and become mean again cause that would suck to start all over again.