Sunday, May 31, 2009

been a while.

Dylan was conditionally accepted into the CHP on Friday and we couldn't be any more stoked. It has been his dream to be in the CHP and he is so close. He just has to go through a few more hoops and then it just depends on how long it takes Sacramento to process all the paperwork.

We went down to Santa Barbara on Friday to celebrate. We stayed at the Harbor View Inn right on State Street and the Harbor. The weather was overcast but it was still beautiful. My favorite part of course was the massage that we got today.

We had to head back because Dylan had a birthday party he had to be at. That left me available to go to the Drive-in with friends. We got to see Up which was super cute. I love Pixar movies. I don't think I have been disappointed yet. And I was stoked because Hannah Montana played second. It was pretty good for being Hannah Montana, but maybe I'm biased since I am all about the Disney Channel.

Dylan leaves for Bakersfield for work on Monday. This is his third week going out of town for 3 days in a row. It seems like he is gone more than at home. But I guess if all the CHP stuff happens I will have to get used to it.


Jennifer said...

1st thing: who writes blogs at 1:03 am?!?!
2nd thing: you can thank me for getting dylan into the chp....we all know it was my answers that i gave the dude that got him in!
3rd thing: i love you always and forever, near and far, closer together.....