Sunday, April 26, 2009

Can you say retarded?

Dylan and I went to Best Buy today so that I could buy Jillian Michaels' Fitness for Wii. While we were there, we decided to peruse the Blu-ray aisle and we noticed that everything was turned backwards. So it was kind of a pain to look through when you couldn't see the front of the dvds. On the other side of the aisle, I heard a lot of commotion going on. There were 2 college-aged guys talking and turning the dvds the wrong way. I asked Dylan if I should go tell the Best Buy guys that were nearby, only because I know that if I worked there I would be pissed to have to go back through and turn everything the right way.

I went up 2 two Best Buy guys and proceeded to tell on the 2 guys turning things the wrong way. Then after I told on the guys, 1 Best Buy guy said, "Oh, we have inventory tonight and those are our guys."

I felt totally stupid afterwards. Dylan kept looking at Blu-Rays and I saw the Best Buy guys walk over to them and I felt really stupid. So I walked away to check out because I knew they were probably telling the guys how this stupid girl had just tattled to them.

Stupid me.

On a different note, is it wrong to want to be like her? I think I'm obsessed.


Jennifer said...

you are retarded. i hate to tell you this but i heard that the jillian game is horrible. that you don't even run, you just sway. i got the "my fitness coach" and i like it a lot. you should return the jillian one and get the other one. it's way better and got like 5 stars. jillians only got like 2 stars.

Jennifer said...

yeah i like the my fitness coach. you don't use the balance board which is kinda a bummer but the stuff on there is cool. we should swap one day.

p.s. who is that a picture of?