Friday, August 21, 2009

Dylan's Surprise For Me

I was home from work today and when Dylan got home he left the door open. I couldn't understand why he wouldn't close the door and then he wheeled in my new bike. We had looked at bike's last week but then we never talked about it again. Well apparently he bought the bike and had it all assembled without me knowing. He even put a lock on his computer so that I couldn't get onto the computer to find out that he had purchased the bike. I was so excited. And I love that it has a basket. Hooray!

And now we are off to my department's picnic. Should be fun and I made magic cookie bars.


Jennifer said...

you will ride that a total of 3 times.

magic cookies bars? shoot i should have come down.

Kim Youngblood said...

i have higher hopes than riding it 3 times...maybe 4 or 5. just kidding.

and i knew you would want some magic cookie bars. they were really good because they were still warm and gooey.

Jennifer said...

for your birthday, you should make me magic cookie bars.